Being conscious

When you feel mentally or physically unwell or have a problem for which you are unable to find a solution, then you may consider to ask for a reading or healing. I can give you a reading or healing on appointment, when you are physically present, but also from a distance.

A healing or reading is given from the understanding that there is a physical body and a spiritual being. Body and being influence each other.
I do not look at the physical appearance but at the energy behind it.

Although energy is invisible, it is as approachable as the visible world.
I research the unconscious layers and energy of human life and thus shed light on underlying processes and large and small problems in life.

During a reading your energy is read and described. You can get information about the current state or deeper cause of any problems, you may experience.

During a healing, I tune in on your energy and support you in balancing it, focused on exactly who you are and what you are going through at present.

I can also give you a healing or reading from a distance for which we can communicate with Skype.