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Ellen, Amsterdam, Netherlands: reading

I have received a reading from Annette. I am very impressed how she finds the right words that you can really connect with and help you to reflect on your life. I regularly listen to the recording of the reading and I keep on discovering new things which give new insights. The Reading really helps to understand a number of things about me which enables me to let things go. A nice experience to be repeated.


Ingrid and Robert Vleeskens, Voorthuizen, Netherlands: reading

Annette respectfully gives you insights, with which you can make sustainable choices in the interest of your happiness and health.


Barbara, Spain: healing from a distance

I am very pleased with the healing Annette did for me and I am sure to repeat it. I have been able to release a lot of emotions and it feels that more space has arisen in myself. Thank you very much for this healing, Annette.


Loes Arents, Almere, Netherlands: healing from a distance

Thank you for the healing. Everything is so to the point. Nice to hear that I can let go of some very old energy (theme: having the right to live). That I am currently making a kind of last step in letting old patterns go. This agrees with me. Plus, that I am recovering my own gold, which is correct and that's very nice to hear. That it's important to do something for myself and not forget about myself. That I can search for a kind of balance between inside and outside. This also applies to my hands in creating things. I'm going to pay close attention to criticizing myself less but I sometimes find that hard. This creates a blockage just below my throat. Nor do I have to take responsibility for something that is not my responsibility. I recognize that now. Thank you, dear Annette.


Loes Arents, Almere, Netherlands: healing from a distance

I received a healing from Annette. Thank you Annette for the healing and for cleaning all my chakras. During the healing I felt hot and in my belly was a thumping feeling. What you told me, that I can change my behavior but that my soul remains, is something I knew, but it's nice to hear this again. I also know that the main them in my life is to learn how to deal with rejection. Through your healing and advice I get a confirmation and the strength to continue my journey. If I'm in trouble again, I can connect with the color orange and let the energy flow through me. Dear Annette, thank you also for the familiar words "LOVE YOURSELF". I can not hear it often enough.


Gina, Utrecht, Netherlands: healing from a distance

Annette, thank you for the nice healing. My breathing has improved and I also sleep better, for which I am grateful. The insights that you gave me confirmed what I felt and I want to listen more to what I feel.


Manja, Utrecht, Netherlands: reading and healing

Thank you for the reading. Much was recognizable and it was a remarkable event for me. I have to process the information and think how I am going to apply this in the situation for which I came.


Bianca, Woubrugge, Netherlands: reading on a relationship

Thanks for the reading. It has given me more understanding and insight. Thank you very much.


Nicole Amsing, Amsterdam, Netherlands: reading and healing from a distance

From a distance means that I can look at myself and feel myself simultaneously. Exciting and pleasant at the same time, even if it is sometimes difficult. Actually it is what it is. Annette describes what she does in a way that is logical, clear and warm, which brings recognition and acceptance. The healing, I really would not want to abstain myself from it, gives just a playful twist to the whole session, colors and images pass by, a gift for me, a huge thank you to you Annette, for sharing your insight and clean the edges of my aura. My energy is flowing again.


Marleen Nijsen, Nieuwegein, Netherlands: reading in response to a question

After the reading, when I went outside I felt so bright, light and happy. And that's still the case. The feeling of entering into a new interior in myself. What Annette saw and said was a confirmation of something I faintly felt, but could not grasp yet. It showed me so much, with great precision and clarity in it. Recognition, perception, discrimination between the old and new to me. The neutrality and lightness with which Annette read my energy was very pleasant. What a beautiful rich reading. Thank you, Annette.


Mariet, Venray, Netherlands: Healing from a distance

During the healing a lot of information came my way. Annette shows you things from your life that were long gone. She does this in a special, miraculous way. She tries to help me find the right path. I felt safe.


Cees, Oosthuizen, Netherlands: Healing from a distance

During the healing I felt the energy in different parts of my body do their job. It felt very pleasant. I am very happy that I received this healing. Also the explanation she provided was striking; there were many recognizable things in it. I would like to express my thanks to Annette Schaap for this healing.


Lotti, Utrecht, Netherlands: Reading face to face

I have received a general reading (rose, aura, chakras and past lives) from Annette. It was a special experience and quite striking how I am in my life right now. It has helped me to trust that the way I took is the right one and that I can proceed. I considered it to be a professional and well structured reading with great details about my past lives. I can definitely recommend it.


Maria Pinxter, Heemstede, Netherlands: Reading life

Annette gave me an elaborate reading, that was delicately tailored to my themes. It helps me to further shape my essence in life.


Rima, Netherlands: Rosereading from a distance

Easy to recognize and moving rosereading from a distance.


Mar, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Several healings from a distance

Apart from a healing, Annette gives detailed feedback. No woolly jargon or too simple language, but clear and careful, without judgment and empathetic. When appropriate, she gives practical tips. Even if you know little or nothing about energy or auras you can contact her. Physically and mentally you feel better, clearer and strengthened after the healing and feedback to continue on your path.


Juliette de Wilt, Langbroek, Netherlands: Reading andn healing

Annette can clearly articulate what is important to you right now and the things you are struggling with. Annette does so with great dedication. Annette has described the cause of the tinnitus. I especially liked the description of my past lives and lessons from this. After the healing I felt lighter in my head. The reading and healing from Annette is professional and reliable.


Eveline, Netherlands: Healing

Annette sets your mind at ease and she takes you seriously. She has a professional approach towards her customers.


R.M., Nieuwegein, Netherlands: Aura reading

In the summer holiday I needed "something" to clariy my feelings after a tough period at work and in my private life. After a difficult period of illness my husband died in a hospice where he was cared for after seven months, my mother died four weeks later. Two persons that were close to my heart. At work I was in a difficult period with many personnel problems. In my position, I was asked to give support. After this period, I could not relax and needed someone to give me feedback. My interest in energy, intuition, and the hereafter brought me to Annette, with Google. I asked her for a reading out of curiosity. Annette's reading gave me the words for the feelings I had for the past two years. It gave me a kind of confirmation that I had done well and that the people close to me still watch over my family. The reading of Annette felt like a gift.

Elke, Utrecht, Netherlands: Healing from a distance

Healings from a distance by Annette are very special. By listening to the recording I get deeper insight in where I am at that moment. Annette uses descriptions of metaphoric images and those descriptions work very well for me. It is very convenient that you receive a recording of the healing, so you can listen to it many times and every time you can feel it on a deeper level. I am very grateful for the times I received a healing!

Wilma Meijer and Tom Vorstius Kruijff, Utrecht: Several healings

Both my husband and I have received several healings from Annette. We have experienced this as very pleasant, relaxing and conducive to our health. Annette is a woman with a broad background and interest, she is caring and committed, I would highly recommend a healing from her.

Ada Wunderink, Netherlands: Reading and healing

Two years ago Annette gave me a rose reading from a distance and two months later I received a healing. This was during the period that I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I was very anxious and did not know what lay ahead. The rose reading was confronting for me but also very clarifying. The healing brought more clarity in my chaos. It was very useful. The more I listened to the recordings the deeper I absorbed it. Last spring, I received a healing again. It is quite interesting how Annette finds a way to precisely the core of issues. Also this healing was a basis on which I could move on. Again it was definitely worth it to listen to the recording several times. Annette, thank you.

Willy van Dijk, Utrecht: Healing from a distance

Annette gave me a healing early this year. In April it was a year ago that my partner was killed and I was feeling poorly during that period; both mentally and physically. I listened to the recording of her healing and became quieter and I also felt lighter. Since then, I am still frequently very sad, but things are improving. I notice that I can smile again, in addition to crying. Annette has helped me quite well. She did exactly what was needed and explained to me what she saw and read. Thanks Annette!

Rogier van Iterson, Utrecht, Netherlands: reading and healing

What makes Annette excell in aura reading and healing is that she profoundly loves her profession. Also, Annette keeps on developing and expanding her skills: she likes to move forward, educate herself, to discover. Her passion and striving for delivering the best she can every time again, combined with her ability to communicate about the reading/healing in a clear, concise, intelligent, insightfull and professional manner, makes her stand out among other healers and readers. Her reading and healing skills are the best I ever experienced (definitely worth the money). Further, she has excellent social skills and she´s got a keen sense of humor too. All I can say is: yes!

Ernst Vuyk, Utrecht, Netherlands: reading and healing

Annette has given my wife and me consults and solutions in healthcare since 2003. My wife was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma at that time. Parallel to the best treatment in the Academic Hospital of Utrecht science could provide, Annette used her 'paranormal' talents and abilities to support the healing process. Since then I have seen the value of her talents and services. Every time I am still amazed by the forces she has developed. Her knowledge is still growing rapidly and I recommend you - even if you have your doubts about 'alternative' healthcare - to get in touch. Nobody can guarantee full recovery, but I guarantee you will make progress with Annette!

Jeroen van de Wouw, Utrecht, Netherlands: reading and healing

I know Annette to be a person with a warm personality, an open mind and a clear perspective on things. She has a lot of life experience that she uses when giving a reading or healing.

Rinaldo Verschuuren, Netherlands: reading and healing

After one reading I am much more aware of my body and mind. The result is that through the knowledge I gained, I no longer have a spastic colon, but on a lighter note, that my 'always cold hands' now have become 'always warm hands'. I would recommend her wisdom, reliability and social skills to anyone.

Peter R., Antwerpen, Belgium: Reading and healing

For many years (since 2000), Annette is an additional beacon of clarification and confirmation for me. Me, I come from a very different field of expertise as I am a qualified psychotherapist. Annette's approach has always been enlightening for me. Her professional way of readings and healings, is indispensable for me to get a clearer image of the evolving "me". The contact with her ​​is always inviting and welcoming. It is very pleasant to work with her on my evolution.


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